Maintain Salon Perfect Hair All Day Long

5 Dec , 2014  

We’ve all experienced the dreaded feeling of having dirty, oily hair, and having no opportunity to give it a wash before having to make another public appearance. Be it going for drink after a long day at work, meeting some friends after a quick gym session, or just dealing with humidity on a hot summer’s day; nobody likes looking or feeling sticky with gross, oily hair.

Below are a few tips from the team at Brisbane’s Unsurpassable Hair and Make-up Salon. Their salon hairdressers salon hairdressers are renowned throughout Brisbane and South-East Queensland for their styling skill and expertise. Learn how to keep your hair looking its best for longer, by following some of the tips below:


  1. Wash your hair with an appropriate amount of shampoo. Shampooing your hair with the right amount of shampoo will give a healthy look to your hair by removing dirt and oil. Don’t skimp on the amount just to save a few pennies, or your shimmer won’t last for as long, but don’t overdo it either – it’s bad for the environment! We suggest using organic shampoos which do not contain SLS or Parabens. You can also use some dry shampoo if you don’t have time for a proper wash but want it to look grease-free and fresh. Just a few spritzes of this shampoo can achieve what you want without getting your hair all wet.
  2. Use a good conditioner after you shampoo. Conditioner makes hair soft and manageable by keeping it nourished and moisturized. Since hair is hard to brush after washing, condition it to make it easier and more manageable. Leave-on conditioner spray is another option if you’re rushed for time and need a quick fix.
  3. Dry your hair in the most careful manner. Always be careful when dealing with wet hair, as it is more fragile and can break easily. Using a blow dryer is a better option than air-drying it if you have the time. It is however, important to know how to use a blow dryer correctly. Never put a blow dryer too close to your hair because the high heat might burn or damage out your hair. If you are having problems with constantly damaging your hair when drying, consider using some heat protection spray or even just using a cooler setting on the hair dryer to minimize breakage.
  4. Spray some detangler and use a comb. Avoid brushing while your hair is wet if you can, but if you must brush, then opt for a wide toothed comb. As previously mentioned, wet hair is more fragile and has an tendency to break. Once your hair is dry, spray some detangler if necessary and then give it a brush. Wide-tooth combs are better for removing tangles and minimizing breakage. Don’t ever use your fingers to comb your hair because they can cause damage and hair loss. The health and strength of your hair also depends on the types of tools you use. For example, a natural boar bristle brush will help spread sebum down the hair shaft, which results in a softer, smoother finish.
  5. Use heat protection. If you plan on being in the sun during the day, use a little protection. Ultraviolet filters are essential for protecting your hair from sun damage and deliver proven benefits for hair. Most UV shields are finishing products such as UV-based hairsprays or leave-in conditioners. UV shielding products should be applied on slightly damp hair so they absorb in fully to offer longer-lasting protection.
  6. Use the right accessories to maintain your gorgeous and healthy hair. Use fabric-covered elastics to prevent hair from breaking. Many hair ties are stylish enough to double as jewelry for a versatile fashion look. Also ensure you use the right hair styling tools to keep you looking gorgeous for longer!

Having beautiful hair can mean the different between feeling good and feeing great. Make sure you always take care of your hair and you will feel healthier, more vibrant, and happier! If you’d like to know more from the team at Unsurpassable, check out their blog or get in touch with them online or in person at their Brisbane Hair Salon.

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