The Most Flattering Styles of Eyewear for Older Woman

12 Aug , 2014  

It does not matter what age you are; there is a always fresh new style for that retains the ability to make anyone both look and feel good. This is especially true in the fashion world when it comes to eyewear. Though finding the right pair of glasses may be […]


PVC Fashion

11 Aug , 2014  

It is coming, and there is not stopping it. Already our most loved fashion franchises are slowly introducing these gelatinous vinyl fashion items… I’m talking plastic, jelly, vinyl, latex, rubber, PVC…Fab or drab? – That’s debatable. We have seen the re-introduction of jelly sandals -the ones we loved so much […]


Dressing for Australian Winter 2014

17 Jul , 2014  

As the weather gets colder, the layers get thicker but that does not mean you need to sacrifice being fashionable to accommodate for seasonal changes. In fact, there is no better time than these cooler months to unleash the fashion goddess within. What to wear underneath? Winter is all about […]


Bohemian Fashion: The Expression of a Free Spirit.

15 Jul , 2014  

Bohemian fashion: the expression of a free spirit. With gypsy roots, a hippy feel and an alternative avant-garde, almost rebel style. The non-conformists of society, the dreamers and lovers of art, the free spirited individuals who immerse themselves in music, poetry, words, paint, song, nature, life…Liberal, creative and exceeding the […]