Top Jewel Trends 2017

23 Sep , 2017  

Jewels are meant to accentuate your appearance. A cute outfit should be worn with a great set of jewellery. This is something that’s should never escape your mind while dressing up. But you must ensure that what you are wearing out of trend or what may be called obsolete or out-dated fashion. We have rounded up some of the best jewels making it big in the market. These are the best jewel trends 2017.

Best Jewellery for 2017

1.    Rebecca Minkoff Illusions Choker Necklace

Rebecca Minkoff Illusions Choker NecklaceThis is one of the top jewellery items that you should have in 2017. Designed with an incredible sense of fashion, this is one of the jewels that will make you stand out. It is a very versatile choker necklace in that you can wear it with a broad range of outfits. It is designed with opalescent beads, and you can easily adjust its length. With its 14k gold plate, this is one necklace that will provide you with a taste of class.

2.    Vanessa Mooney Astrid Tassel Drop Earing

If you don’t have this earring in your wardrobe, you are missing a lot from the fashion world. It’s among the jewellery trending in 2017 and the reason why you should not lack it. It comes with limitless styling options due to its wonderful versatility. You will find it in different colours giving you a broad choice to go for your favourite. The jewellery is designed with knotted tassels that make it appear awesome while wearing. You can wear it to complement your boho outfits

3.    Kenneth Jay Lane Geometric Earrings

Kenneth Jay Lane Geometric EarringsGeometric may not be the number one preference, but you will definitely love this one. There is a reason why this geometric shape earring is the most trending in 2017. The spring’s spotlight on it shape will make you love it even more. Their modern shape comes with super clean lines that will definitely catch your eyes. You will be impressed by their reflective finishing that makes them stand in this year. With its French hooks, the earring will definitely pull off a classic look. Make sure that you’ve selected the colour that will match with most of your favourite colours.

4.    Ettika Coin Anklet

Ankle wear trend is something that was definitely unexpected this year. As a matter of fact, we are all surprised that it looks like it’s gaining momentum this year and seem to continue trending beyond 2017. Ettika coin anklet works very with shorts, and it’s great for warm weather- if you are looking for the perfect ankle wear, this is what you need.  It comes with gold plates, and that is probably what is making it popular. With its drop charm and crystal accents, this is the jewel that you should’ve in your summer wardrobe.

5.    Eddie Borgo Mini Pyramid Ear Threader

Eddie Borgo Mini Pyramid Ear ThreaderSimplicity and elegance are some of the reasons cited for this earring trend in 2017. This is the most trending layering jewel in 2017. It has been designed with a threading-through earring that makes it an extremely sturdy and durability.  This is the type of earring that will embellish any part of the ear and can go with almost any fashionable outfits. You don’t have to struggle to look great while wearing this earring since it looks great in any way that you put it. It will work splendidly with any outfit. With 12k gold plate on it, you can just imagine how great you will look in this earring.

6.    Tory Burch Milgrain Logo Cuff

This is a great jewel that should be in your wardrobe in 2017. From its designs, this is one of the jewels that enhance your appearance in a great way.  Its appearance is greatly enhanced by the silver stones or the gold-tone plated brass -this is what makes it appear shiny and eye catching. One thing that stands out is that it is not a seasonal jewel. That’s the reason why it has been trending from the beginning of the year and throughout 2017.

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