Bohemian Fashion: The Expression of a Free Spirit.

15 Jul , 2014  

Bohemian fashion: the expression of a free spirit. With gypsy roots, a hippy feel and an alternative avant-garde, almost rebel style. The non-conformists of society, the dreamers and lovers of art, the free spirited individuals who immerse themselves in music, poetry, words, paint, song, nature, life…Liberal, creative and exceeding the boundaries of mundane existence. Boho fashion allows you to explore your art-curious side, express your carefree nature and whimsical thoughts rather than being bound by the ever-changing demands of fashion.

boho kimono

Make your energy felt through a magical collection featuring flowing, caressing materials that resemble gentle, sensual, amorphous waves and crochet garments -a timeless style of intertwining material symbolising connectivity between elements.. Complete the look and go further with embellishments: light and dainty flowers and feathers, wild wrap-arounds, cool and sleek metals, both rough and smooth stones, musically murky yet clear crystals, string, wood, bone, denim, cotton, leather and quirky trinkets…Close to earth, yet out of this world.

The Freedom State is just this, a metaphorical space that breathes life into the materials you adorn your physical self with and attend to your free nature with, by capturing the smell of grass, fallen leaves and sunshine; the touch of a gentle breeze, the flow of trickling water, the lightness of a feather and the magic of the earth in your clothes and accessories. Don’t hide behind your closet. Be with it. Express yourself. Comfort and fashion actually can go hand in hand, just as the mind and body are connected by your free spirit.

Boho Clothing Style

Boho is not about fitting the ephemeral current trends or being a slave to fashion; it is more than viewing clothes and accessories as mere materials, as items you simply ‘wear.’  It is about discovering your free nature and transforming your closet into a place of art, consisting of unique pieces to express your creativity and individuality by taking snippets of history, living in the moment and evolving with time through an amaranthine style that answers the call of your soul. If this is you, a girl with sensitivities to the world around her, a passion for being, living, transcending and creating…A girl who wants to express herself through a fashion that allows her to be unique, expressive and look amazing whilst feeling like you’re walking on a cloud…then The Freedom State is the place to be.  Whether you want to go urban-grunge, gothic-fairy or country-pixie, The Freedom State has boho clothing that will cater for your unique free spirit needs.

If boho is new to you, and you don’t know how to ‘get the look,’then do not fear, there is no right or wrong. Stepping into the unknown can ignite both excitement and trepidation simultaneously. Play, create and explore with colours -be bold, be adventurous, do not be afraid. If you want pale lips like pearls, go with a gentle creamy nude colour paired with a shimmery dust, or if you want the opposite…try dark cherry lips, maybe even a bubble gum blue! Face the world bare-faced, or with shimmery eyes, or smokey eyes, or eyes the colour of peacock feathers. The boho look is not just one style or one look, it is everything you want it to be…Go barefoot, wear wrap-around leather sandals, or steal-capped boots if you prefer! Cover your fingers in chunky rings with cuts of crystals and stones; wrap daisy chains, feathers and leaves in your hair -be it aperch a fluffy nest of unbrushed hair, or plaited into messy braids. Don crotched dresses, soft cottony shawls, ripped denim overalls, felt hats and all …explore patterns and textures -explore your free spirit. The Freedom State is not just an online shop, it’s a place of inspiration, DIY tips, gorgeous photos, people, music, art, happenings and events. Check out their blog for the latest bohemian clothing trends.

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