5 Dresses Perfect For Melbourne Cup Day 2017

4 Oct , 2017  

Midi Dress

Melbourne Cup Day is quickly approaching, and as of now, you should be in the know the fashion trend and what to wear for the occasion. This is not just a mere horse racing event but a fashion galore and this year will definitely be the most stylish to date. 

What to Wear on Melbourne Cup Day 2017

Dressing well and looking great has been a norm to the event. What dress should you be shopping for Melbourne Cup Day 2017? Here are five dress styles that will stand out for this year event:

1.    Shoulder Details

Off-Shoulder and One-Shoulder DressThere are different styles of shoulder details that have been trendy this year. Off-the-should and one-shoulder styles will be an excellent choice to wear for Melbourne Cup Day. Also, cut-outs are also having a moment in this season, and they will be a great choice to try out this year. These are the three dresses that will help you achieve a sexy vibe and yet feel comfortable in yourself.

2.    Too Late Midi Dress by Keepsake

Try this dress, and you’ll come out unique, sexy and feminine. Stocked by The Fashion Bunker, the dress has been gaining popularity in the last few months. Designed with absolute simplicity yet very classic and sexy look, this is a perfect dress for a unique look. The dress features one bold colour such as navy, and you can choose from a variety that’s provided. At the price of $199.95. A midi dress frocks for melbourne cup is also ideal.

3.    Valencia Rose Long-Sleeve Mini Dress from Talulah

Designed with simplicity yet classy appeal, this is an excellent choice of spring race event dress. The dress is designed with minimal accessories, and you’ll love the crocheted lace shine on it. It’s a perfect wear to keep you cool throughout the entire day due to openings to allow for the free air circulation. We particularly love its romantic dusty pink shade and tiered ruffles.

4.    Top-to-Toe Florals

Top-to-Toe Floral DressThis is another trend that’s going to rock this year’s event. Most established designers are going hard into the floral designs, and we’re very positive that even celebrates celebs will rock in this design. It’s a very versatile trend, but the top-to-toe design is highly commended. In fact, going hard on the design is the perfect way to get the best out of this trend.

5.    Folly Feather Dress from Zimmermann

Well, Zimmermann has been trendsetters in the fashion industry, and as usual, they are at it this year. With their Folly Feather Dress, you’ll definitely rock the event. The sheer mini dress is designed with panelled skirt and blouson sleeves. Ruffles details at the bottom give it a fantastic finish.