Après Ski Style – What to Wear After a Day on the Slopes

28 Nov , 2014  

Steer clear of any ski fashion faux pas this season with Closet Princess’ guide to mountain style.

The apr?s ski scene has surpassed the action on the slopes in many ski towns in recent seasons with resorts such as Aspen even holding their own fashion week! You don’t want to be the only one on the mountain rocking your ski boots at the bar after the lifts have closed for the day. They’re not just wet (and possibly stinky), but with the doorman of some bars bearing a resemblance to Milan’s fashion police, you just might get turned away at the door!

Whether you’re an avid skiier, or a snowboarding queen, there’s some after snow essentials and tips that every snow bunny should follow when packing for their ski trip.

Knitted Jumpers-  A simple cashmere wool sweater will provide you with a warm soft touch. Simple knitted patterns are always well received, while the more sporty types can add a splash of colour with some of the simple block colour items from brands like Quiksilver and Betty Rides. When sizing up your knits, make sure they are slim fitting so they will be comfortable to wear under your jacket.

Snow Boots – These snow ready boots are a must have for any mountain goer. Their practicality alone makes them a worthwhile benefit. Normal shoes will have you slipping and sliding in a not so graceful fashion and chances are they won’t be very waterproof either. So to avoid suffering from frostbitten toes invest in a pair of styled up apres boots. Most snow boot brands like XTM, Khombu, and Attiba come faux fur lined with some added fur flair on top. Easily stylish enough to match your chic outfit.

Sunglasses – Another essential, especially if spring skiing is on the cards. The UV conditions atop a mountain are alot stronger than at sea level so sun safety is paramount. Snow blindness is a real thing and can leave your eyes irreparably damaged. If you’re out on the slopes on a bluebird day, be sure to cover any bar skin or at the very least whack on some sunscreen. From a fashion perspective, the skiing crowd tends to go for big, over the top lenses and frames, so pick yourself up a pair of show-off sunnies and you’ll fit right in.

Spa Attire – The chances of kicking back in a Jacuzzi on a ski hill nowadays can almost be guaranteed. Most ski lodges will have their own private spas or at the very least a communal one. If you fancy getting hot and steamy with your friends, don’t kick it off to quickly by rocking your bra and panties, unless that’s your end game.

Headwear – Just as important as having the right footwear for the snow, the same can be said about your choice of headwear. If your skiing or snowboarding, play it safe and wear a helmet, it’s not worth the risk! For other times, a cute beanie with pom-poms and wild colours offer a chance to break up your monochrome or block colour look.

Gloves – Personally, I always choose practicality over style when it comes to gloves because cold hands is one of my pet hates. If this sounds like you opt for woolen mittens for your apres adventures as they tend to do the trick better than the fancier option of leather gloves. Although their are a range of lined leather gloves on offer that you may prefer if you have to stick with style.

Never underestimate the styles of a ski hill. The apres scene is extremely varied and differs from ski town to ski town. Some mountains are all about the snow while others boast an air of pretentiousness towards accepted dress. Don’t get caught out, pack for every occasion!


Wrap Yourself in a Scarf for Some added Style this Winter

11 Nov , 2014  

Scarves are a mainstay fashion item during the colder months in European countries but are often an overlooked accessory by Australian women. Albeit, the temperatures aren’t often (if ever) dropping into the negatives, but this doesn’t mean you can’t use the colder change in the air to bring a bit of style to your winter get up.

Chances are your winter jackets are your typical black, chocolate, and tan colours not offering much in the way of individuality. The only differences between you and Sally in accounting is that your rocking a peacoat and she has a blazer, both in black and both beautiful coats but nothing out of the ordinary.

Enter the perhaps colourful, and always stylish pashmina. Traditionally made from cashmere wool, but sometimes intertwined with silk or cotton, these beautiful scarves can be traced back to humble beginnings on the Indian sub continent, where the English merchants would snap them up and bring them back to the aristocratic trend setters of mother England, touting the beauty and practicality of their fine garments.

Nowadays you’re not going to have to travel across the ocean into the depths of India’s garment district to find one, with all the major department stores and are huge array of online stores stocking these colourful wardrobe additions. We found the most beautiful range of fashion for over 50 women by simply clicking our mouse! beautifully colored kaftans, dresses and scarves, all handmade.

Match your scarf with your nail polish and heels for some coordinated highlights that will suit any outfit. This combination technique works well with both ends of the colour spectrum providing a classic, refined look when using dark browns and neutral colours, or creating a instantly recognizable flair when using pinks, reds, and greens. However we do advise caution when going bright, you want to make sure your outfit matches your mood or you might feel a bit disheartened by all the looks you are getting. Feeling confident? Break our the bright colours!

Textures can also come into play here, moving away from the traditional pashmina weave to a hand knitted, fluffy scarf can be a nice and practical fashion item. If you have blonde hair, a brown jacket with a white soft knitted scarf popping out of the top of your coat would look angelic. All you would need is a dusting of snow!

Whether you choose bright or neutral, textured or more traditional weaves, try experimenting with some different scarves this winter and bring a little bit of that European sophistication to the Aussie winter.