Wrap Yourself in a Scarf for Some added Style this Winter

11 Nov , 2014  

Scarves for older women

Scarves are a mainstay fashion item during the colder months in European countries but are often an overlooked accessory by Australian women. Albeit, the temperatures aren’t often (if ever) dropping into the negatives, but this doesn’t mean you can’t use the colder change in the air to bring a bit of style to your winter get up.

Chances are your winter jackets are your typical black, chocolate, and tan colours not offering much in the way of individuality. The only differences between you and Sally in accounting is that your rocking a peacoat and she has a blazer, both in black and both beautiful coats but nothing out of the ordinary.

Enter the perhaps colourful, and always stylish pashmina. Traditionally made from cashmere wool, but sometimes intertwined with silk or cotton, these beautiful scarves can be traced back to humble beginnings on the Indian sub continent, where the English merchants would snap them up and bring them back to the aristocratic trend setters of mother England, touting the beauty and practicality of their fine garments.

Nowadays you’re not going to have to travel across the ocean into the depths of India’s garment district to find one, with all the major department stores and are huge array of online stores stocking these colourful wardrobe additions. We found the most beautiful range of fashion for over 50 women by simply clicking our mouse! beautifully colored kaftans, dresses and scarves, all handmade.

Match your scarf with your nail polish and heels for some coordinated highlights that will suit any outfit. This combination technique works well with both ends of the colour spectrum providing a classic, refined look when using dark browns and neutral colours, or creating a instantly recognizable flair when using pinks, reds, and greens. However we do advise caution when going bright, you want to make sure your outfit matches your mood or you might feel a bit disheartened by all the looks you are getting. Feeling confident? Break our the bright colours!

Textures can also come into play here, moving away from the traditional pashmina weave to a hand knitted, fluffy scarf can be a nice and practical fashion item. If you have blonde hair, a brown jacket with a white soft knitted scarf popping out of the top of your coat would look angelic. All you would need is a dusting of snow!

Whether you choose bright or neutral, textured or more traditional weaves, try experimenting with some different scarves this winter and bring a little bit of that European sophistication to the Aussie winter.


The Most Flattering Styles of Eyewear for Older Woman

12 Aug , 2014  

It does not matter what age you are; there is a always fresh new style for that retains the ability to make anyone both look and feel good. This is especially true in the fashion world when it comes to eyewear. Though finding the right pair of glasses may be challenging, once you land upon your treasured look you will be pleased you made the effort.


For all the older women out there who are currently wearing glasses, I am here to tell you that you are not resigned to wearing bifocal glasses that hang from chains wrapped loosely around your neck; and you most certainly do not have to wear the same pair of retro eyeglasses you purchased a few decades ago. I encourage you to do quite the opposite and instead, take the time to find a fashionable new frame that fits you the best. After all, eyewear is one of the greatest ways to knock a few years off your age, so why not start shopping for a chic new frame today? You can even shop from the comforts of your home today by browsing various eyewear retailer websites online. One of greatest aspects about our world today is that we now have the ability to not only purchase eyeglasses online from shops like, but to also try on as many styles as we desire with virtual-try-on software. In addition, a lot of online eyewear stores offer each consumer an opportunity to test out their favorite frames with home-try-on services.

The key is to find a pair that makes you look and feel younger and more vibrant. This article is dedicated to all the beautiful older women out there who are desperately eager to trade in their old eyeglasses for a newer and fresher look. First of all, I will begin by stating that black eyeglass frames look good on everyone. In fact, they are often called the little black dress in the world of designer eyewear. In other words, selecting a solid black frame that fits the shape of your face will look good on you no matter what. This style can make you look classy, sophisticated, and fashionable. Even if you do not consider yourself to be an ultra fashionista, your black frames will state otherwise. Just make sure to select a pair that is complementary to your personal style and the shape of your face, and to wear a minimal amount of accessory so you don’t look overdone.

Remember ladies, if eyewear is a part of your everyday wardrobe, then it’s safe to consider it your greatest fashion accessory. After all, would you wear the same pair of earrings every day? No way! So do yourself a favor and invest a few pairs of frames that complement your personal style. One author wrote a book about eyewear, and how it can be used to shave a few years off your age. In it she recommends the following three tips: purchase a pair for your workday, another for your evening outings, and another for weekend rendezvous. Investing in multiple pairs of frames is a great way to transform your look throughout the week, or in any given moment, which is perfect for us ladies who love to mix it up. Another key piece of advice when selecting eyeglasses is to take the following three things into consideration: the shape of your face, the color of your hair, and your personality. Eyewear, as mentioned earlier, is considered to be one of the most fashionable accessories, and that is why it is important to search for styles that complement your appearance and your personality.


PVC Fashion

11 Aug , 2014  

PVC fashion

It is coming, and there is not stopping it.

Already our most loved fashion franchises are slowly introducing these gelatinous vinyl fashion items…

I’m talking plastic, jelly, vinyl, latex, rubber, PVC…Fab or drab? – That’s debatable.

We have seen the re-introduction of jelly sandals -the ones we loved so much as a child because they looked like jelly beans on our feet…We have seen the plastic twin of our commonly worn ballet flats…We have seen thongs no longer in matte rubber but a glossy, firm, glazed plastic…

What’s next? You ask…

Either way, whether you’re a lover or a hater, prepare yourselves; because PVC will take over the fashion world this summer like never before -according to vogue and recent trends. Bright, bold, glossy, futuristic, sometimes transparent. This sensation is loved by some, hated by others. It looks like candy, defends against the rain, and makes you feel as if you are stuck in a giant cup of wobbly jelly. It can be fun and high fashion or shamefully tacky, depending on how you wear it…So how do you wear it?  -How on earth can a fully grown woman pull off a look reminiscent to the plastic ghosts of her childhood jelly bean sandals?

This article brings you the ‘What’s Hot’and ‘What’s Not’of the controversial PVC fashion era.

What’s Hot and What’s Not

Before you even attempt squeezing into some skin-tight latex leggings, know that it will be difficult to get on and even harder to take off…Especially after all that sweat has accumulated in there and starts acting like a suction…To avoid this, try using some talcum or baby powder to mattify your skin. Plastic does not let your skin breathe so know that wearing jelly sandals ain’t so hot if your feet start sweating and the clear plastic lining starts fogging up…Powder is your friend girl, as are socks/stockings. -But whatever you do, do not try wearing socks with your glossy plastic thongs…lest you want to end up looking like an outdated-fashion confused grandma…

Latex Leggings

PVC pencil skirts are all the rage in hollywood with Rita Ora and Kim Kardashian as two examples of fashion icons rocking the look. Both girls paired their slick skirts with a simple loose fitting top, strappy heels and minimal jewellery. Summer is also the perfect time to show off the shape of your booty and legs that you’ve been working all season long toward. Latex leggings are, as quoted by some, “a corset for your legs,”so even if you haven’t been working out, fear not, latex gets the job done.

PVC Pencil Skirt

For a daring, wet, slick look resembling mermaid meets high fashion model, work bright block-coloured under-garments  beneath glossy clear plastics paired with a perfectly pulled-back high pony tail, glossy lips,  dewy foundation and shimmery eyes. Lengthen your legs with shiny pumps and keep the jewellery minimal to really let your clothes talk. Candy-like nails won’t go amiss either.

If you aren’t quite so daring and still don’t know whether you even like PVC in the slightest, ease into it by experimenting with a single piece of plastic goodness, be it latex leggings, jelly shoes or a PVC skirt paired with a loose-fitting white top, chunky shoes or sleek pumps. Start yourself off with the more opaque colours, neutral tones, or simply black, as they are more subtle and not so in-your-face bold. With this look your hair can be kept messy-chic and your makeup natural with maybe a bold lip colour.

Bright pvc fashion

Denim and PVC or knitwear and PVC can end in either beauty or disaster. Remember that the plastic is the centre of attention and where all the colour attention is; your other items are mere complements  -think neutral, white or black. You definitely do not want a clash of colours and textures! Don’t forget that PVC can stand alone without jewellery, so be careful not to overdo things. Plastic can also look cheap, therefore all other elements must be made to look ‘expensive,’and as mentioned multiple times earlier, you can achieve this by keeping it clean and simple.

Good luck and be bold. Summer is coming.


Dressing for Australian Winter 2014

17 Jul , 2014  

Cold beach

As the weather gets colder, the layers get thicker but that does not mean you need to sacrifice being fashionable to accommodate for seasonal changes. In fact, there is no better time than these cooler months to unleash the fashion goddess within.

What to wear underneath?

Winter is all about layering!  -Do not make the mistake of wearing a single thick item. Depending on the temperatures you may only need two… or you may need up to four layers! When constantly moving from out-door cold chills and indoor heated environments you need to be prepared for both warm, cold and in-between.

Layer 1: A simple Tee , singlet or light-weight long sleeved top  -breathable, thin cotton fabrics in white, black or grey are ideal.

Layer 2: Light-weight, tight fitted jumper

Layer 3: Loose-fitted sweater or vest

Patterned knit-wear, crochet pull-overs, and turtlenecks are great winter items that work well as either layer 2 or 3.


Over- sized Jackets: The chic oversized jacket can be grunge or high fashion and is bound to turn heads. Combine with a long frayed edge scarf, or flattering felt hat and heels of any kind to add height.

coatsBlazers: This versatile must-have item can act as both formal and casual and never goes out of season. – Ideal for warmer winters and office wear.

Coats:  Dress-coats, short-coats or trench-coats, the timeless combination of buttons and collars is another winter must-have.


winter beaniesWinter is a time for snug berets, scarves, gloves, boots, woolly knits and oversized jackets. If you like to use your hands and feel constricted by gloves, try fingerless gloves or fitted leather gloves which allow for more freedom and movement than their knitted counterparts.  If you aren’t one for stockings, leggings or tights, play with knee-high or thigh-high socks which always work well with some doc’s or ankle boots. Scarves come in light cotton, thick knitted and cool silk, and a variety of shapes, colours and patterns and are often an ideal way to finish off your winter look whilst keeping your neck protected from cold winds!  Remember those knee-high boots that have been sitting in your wardrobe all year long? Now is the time to flaunt them.

Makeup and Jewellery

winter makeup 2Create a winter wonderland looks with pearly nude lips, gentle silvery-grey or gold shimmery eye shadow with beige or white eyeliner, soft brows and fresh and dewy foundation.  This look can be casual or formal and goes with anything, particularly well with pearls, silver jewellery, and light coloured gem stones. For hair, gentle waves and messy buns or high pony tails won’t go wrong.winter makeup

For a more colourful look, try bold lips in shades of bright pink, red or purple paired with a simple cat eye, full lashes and articulated brows.  Complement this look with gold, chunky or statement jewellery, oxford heels and a classic button-up collared dress coat. Vintage up-dos, Betty fringes, bouncy curls or straight short bob-cuts are flattering hair do’s to further enhance this look.


For a sophisticated look pair sheer or opaque stockings with a classic tailored blazer to complement a snug turtleneck knitwear piece and pencil skirt or a simple neutral-toned dress that will never go out of season. Simple pumps and elegant jewellery with minimal makeup work well to enhance the air of sophistication.

For a more casual look incorporate a frayed denim jacket or vest over a high-neck long sleeved top, lace up shoes, fingerless bikie gloves, a low beanie and messy side braid with neutral lips and gentle brown smoky eyes.

Work a pop-art look with bright coloured tights, bold patterns and prints such as Andy Warhol and comic strip designs on geometric shaped garments. Complete the look with quirky shoes in the form of cute heels or classic converse sneakers with funky accessories, colourful makeup and nails and block coloured coats for an enigmatic fun vibe.

colourful leggings


Bohemian Fashion: The Expression of a Free Spirit.

15 Jul , 2014  

Boho Beach

Bohemian fashion: the expression of a free spirit. With gypsy roots, a hippy feel and an alternative avant-garde, almost rebel style. The non-conformists of society, the dreamers and lovers of art, the free spirited individuals who immerse themselves in music, poetry, words, paint, song, nature, life…Liberal, creative and exceeding the boundaries of mundane existence. Boho fashion allows you to explore your art-curious side, express your carefree nature and whimsical thoughts rather than being bound by the ever-changing demands of fashion.

boho kimono

Make your energy felt through a magical collection featuring flowing, caressing materials that resemble gentle, sensual, amorphous waves and crochet garments -a timeless style of intertwining material symbolising connectivity between elements.. Complete the look and go further with embellishments: light and dainty flowers and feathers, wild wrap-arounds, cool and sleek metals, both rough and smooth stones, musically murky yet clear crystals, string, wood, bone, denim, cotton, leather and quirky trinkets…Close to earth, yet out of this world.

The Freedom State is just this, a metaphorical space that breathes life into the materials you adorn your physical self with and attend to your free nature with, by capturing the smell of grass, fallen leaves and sunshine; the touch of a gentle breeze, the flow of trickling water, the lightness of a feather and the magic of the earth in your clothes and accessories. Don’t hide behind your closet. Be with it. Express yourself. Comfort and fashion actually can go hand in hand, just as the mind and body are connected by your free spirit.

Boho Clothing Style

Boho is not about fitting the ephemeral current trends or being a slave to fashion; it is more than viewing clothes and accessories as mere materials, as items you simply ‘wear.’  It is about discovering your free nature and transforming your closet into a place of art, consisting of unique pieces to express your creativity and individuality by taking snippets of history, living in the moment and evolving with time through an amaranthine style that answers the call of your soul. If this is you, a girl with sensitivities to the world around her, a passion for being, living, transcending and creating…A girl who wants to express herself through a fashion that allows her to be unique, expressive and look amazing whilst feeling like you’re walking on a cloud…then The Freedom State is the place to be.  Whether you want to go urban-grunge, gothic-fairy or country-pixie, The Freedom State has boho clothing that will cater for your unique free spirit needs.

If boho is new to you, and you don’t know how to ‘get the look,’then do not fear, there is no right or wrong. Stepping into the unknown can ignite both excitement and trepidation simultaneously. Play, create and explore with colours -be bold, be adventurous, do not be afraid. If you want pale lips like pearls, go with a gentle creamy nude colour paired with a shimmery dust, or if you want the opposite…try dark cherry lips, maybe even a bubble gum blue! Face the world bare-faced, or with shimmery eyes, or smokey eyes, or eyes the colour of peacock feathers. The boho look is not just one style or one look, it is everything you want it to be…Go barefoot, wear wrap-around leather sandals, or steal-capped boots if you prefer! Cover your fingers in chunky rings with cuts of crystals and stones; wrap daisy chains, feathers and leaves in your hair -be it aperch a fluffy nest of unbrushed hair, or plaited into messy braids. Don crotched dresses, soft cottony shawls, ripped denim overalls, felt hats and all …explore patterns and textures -explore your free spirit. The Freedom State is not just an online shop, it’s a place of inspiration, DIY tips, gorgeous photos, people, music, art, happenings and events. Check out their blog for the latest bohemian clothing trends.